The Importance of Saving

I was asked to write a blog about something that I am passionate about or interest me.

In my mind.. I was like blogging?

‘I dunno bout dat yuh!’

I have never done this before…

What would I even talk about? I don’t like anything that much.

However, after a few days of trying to find a topic I can do some justice to, out of the blue it came to me one faithful day at work * Cues heavenly music * “The Importance of Saving!”

Now this is something I can stand by and talk about with interest, as I consider myself a natural saver.

Not to long after acquiring my first job at the age of 23, I had ensured that a monthly automated payment was being deposited into a savings account. Now at that age most young people ain’t studying nothing so!

At the time I did it, I didn’t have anything in particular I was saving up for. Nor, did anyone advise me to do it *stops to think*… wellll not that I can remember.

But let me tell you, now at the tender age of 29 I am happy with my decision to incorporate saving into my life.

These are 3 major benefits I have experienced for myself:

  1. Minimises the need for debt which in of itself is a money saver.

It is fair to say that many people believe that incurring debt is a part of life. So, the fastest and easiest thing we tend to do is take out a loan without considering or even caring about the cost attached to borrowing especially over a long period of time.

The cost of debt can really hurt financially, especially when you have more than one repayment to make monthly which your income can barely cover. I have listened and read numerous stories about people trying to become and stay debt free.

In my case, because I had savings I hardly ever borrowed. To be exact, I have only ever taken out one loan in my life so far. (Looking back, I could have left that out doe! stupse).

I moved from my parents’ home, bought furniture, my first car and travelled all on money I saved. No! I didn’t do those things all in the same year, and my savings did take some beating. However, today I am relatively comfortable financially because I was tucking away money consistently. Now, had I been borrowing instead I would not be in this position.

Therefore, I believe in more instances we can take our time and save rather than incur debt as this makes life financially easier in the long run.

  1. Provides flexibility.

Money can be saved to start your own business. Persons have even saved money just to travel for a while and enjoy new experiences. Or, in my case take some time off from work to complete studies.

Working and studying is really hard. When I started to do both, I believed I could make it to the end like many others have. But, here I am planning on taking a few months from the 9 to 5 to focus on passing my remaining exams. This decision was prompted by successive failures, and my strong desire to finish study sooner rather than later.

I know leaving a full-time job for an extended period of time when you have rent, bills to pay, food to buy, and the likelihood of unforeseen events occurring is risky as hell. But having savings (and budgeting) helps mitigate some of that risk and provides some level of comfort. More importantly, it is allowing me the opportunity to try another approach at achieving my goal.

  1. Important in case of emergencies.

 You never know what obstacles life has patiently waiting for you around the corner, and most of the time they come with costly price tags attached. It could be illness, car troubles, job loss, or some other significant expense.  Having money set aside, so you are prepared when an unexpected financial dilemma occurs can be quite comforting.

Essentially, this safety net helps reduce stress and keeps you from going into panic mode, especially it situations where kids or other loved ones are involved or impacted. Therefore, even if you are not reserving cash for any other reason, having what is known as an emergency fund is not only important to your financial stability, but also to you and your family’s overall well-being.


My name is Cherisse Brewster, I am a client accountant at Cidel Bank and Trust Inc, currently pursuing a CPA designation. I have been working in the private sector for over 5 years. During this time, I have grown interested in money management, which led to a desire to create financial independence for myself in the future.

Through budgeting and saving my personal finances has and continues to benefit. Therefore, I wish to help others where necessary improve their financial position as well. At present, I hope to accomplish this by working with an honest and reliable company like Astrape Finance who shares similar aspirations.

So from me to you… peace, love and financial prosperity